Custom Meat Cutting

Archer’s Custom Meat Cutting

We, Gary and Georgia have been in business as Archer’s Custom Meat Cutting and Archer’s Ranch Butchering since January 1999. Georgia’s family has been in the meat processing business for three generations

It was Georgia’s Dad, Max Archer, that took Gary under his wing and trained him in this field. Gary is not just a slaughter man, nor just a meat cutter, he is considered to be an “old time butcher”, that can do it all. It is this knowledge along with Gary’s honesty and integrity and our recipes for cured our meats that have earned both Archer’s Ranch Butchering and Archer’s Custom Meat Cutting the excellent reputation we now hold through out our area

In April 2010, we moved our meat processing plant to Our new Placerville location, which is a larger, more modern processing facility than our former Georgetown facility. Our new modern smokehouse makes our already delicious recipes for Bacon, Ham, Pastrami, Salami and Jerky even tastier. Once we receive your animal, it does not leave our plant until you pick it up. We pride ourselves in processing one animal at a time to insure that your animal stays your animal!!!!

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to the opportunity of serving You and Your family. Below is our current fee schedule

Cutting Fee

Beef, Pig, Lamb, Goat, Emu & Ostrich:    (hanging weight)
(Lamb & Goat: $85 minimum, Emu $65.00 minimum & Ostrich $75 minimum)
$1.75 per #
Wild Game:   (hanging weight)
($200.00 minimum)
$2.00 per #
(Everything we process is vacuum sealed. No additional fees added for waste / rendering disposal or animal dividing.)

Curing Fee

Raw meat weight
$2.25 per #
Corned Beef:
Raw meat weight
$3.50 per #
Raw meat weight
$4.50 per #
Raw meat weight (10# minimum)
$5.50 per #
Raw meat weight (10# minimum)
$6.50 per #

Storage Fee

Hanging weight
$0.85 per #
Per Bag, Per Month or any fraction thereof, for all orders not picked up within 14 days of 1st notification
Any meat not picked up with in 60 days of 1st notification will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of!!!

Wild Game Skinning Fees

Deer $50
Bear $100

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