Sandwich Menu

~~The Blockhead ~~
A random combo of Meats and Cheeses, served on a rustic roll with all the **fix-ins
~~The Super Blockhead ~~
Twice the size of the regular blockhead!!!!
~~ONE by ONE ~~
Your choice of: ONE meat, ONE cheese, bread & **fix-ins
~~TWO by TWO ~~
Your choice of: TWO meats, TWO cheeses, bread & **fix-ins
**Fix-ins: Mayo, Mustard, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion and Pepperoncinis
Note: Any of your favorite regular sized sandwiches can be transformed into a satisfying SALAD!!  $7.99

Your Choices for the ONE by ONE and the TWO by TWO sandwiches are:
Bread ~ *White Hoagie Roll / *Wheat Hoagie Roll / *Rustic Roll / *Sliced Sourdough (*only Rolls can be made into Super Sandwiches)
Meat ~ Roast Beef / Turkey / Pastrami / Ham / Pepper Turkey / Smoked Turkey / Buffalo Chicken
Cheese ~ American / Swiss / Jack / Cheddar / Provolone / Colby Jack / Pepper Jack