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Meet the Merchant

Let’s modify a commercial slogan: Meat … it’s what’s for dinner. And if you head over to Archer’s Butcher Block on Mother Lode drive you’ll find quality meat from just about every animal you’d think to eat. Husband and wife team Gary and Georgia Grover opened the meat market and deli last year and serve up everything from traditional steaks, chicken and pork to pheasant, lamb, buffalo and elk.

“We do specialize in natural beef, pork and chicken”, Georgia said, “no hormones and no steroids. Our prices are very comparable to the grocery store but we’re higher quality,” she continued, adding, “We grind everything her that’s ground and we make all of our own smoked meats.”

archers butcher block deli sandwich The BlockheadCustomers can also pick up sandwiches, salads, fine cheeses and olives, rubs and spices at the market. The Grovers use five different marinades for their chicken and seven for tri-tip. If customers are really hungry, or just want to stock up for the season, Archer Butcher Block’s also offers family value packs from $69.99 to $169.00, featuring a variety of chicken, beef and pork.

The market is the public face for Archer’s Butcher Block. Behind the scenes even more is offered at the location.

Like to hunt? Archer’s Custom meat is the way to go.

“We process game,” Georgia explained. “We do it all here. It stays on site and we process one animal at a time. When you come in with a deer you go home with your deer.”

Bow season has partially filled one of Archer’s freezers with fresh deer. More is expected with deer season; Archer’s can get as many as 20 deer in a day “And you never know when they’re coming,” Georgia said.

archers custom meat cuttingOn the Archer’s Ranch Butchering side, Gary heads out to local farms and ranches and slaughters on site. The animals are then brought back to the butcher block, weighted and tagged.

At Archer’s, customers get to choose how they want their meat – bone in or bone out, thickness, cuts, marinades, etc. Once processed, each order is tagged and placed on an identified shelf so when the customers come back they get everything they ordered, exactly the way they wanted it.

“We definitely keep close tabs on everybody’s animals”, Georgia said. A staff of 10 keeps Archer’s Butcher Block running smooth and since opening the meat market and deli Georgia said she enjoys educating customers about the meat and has made new friends, who then refer their friends to the business.

archers butcher block placerville ca, el dorado county“I really enjoy the interactions with our customers,” she explained, “and we’re growing.”

Archer’s Butcher Block is located at 5425 Mother Lode Drive in Placerville. The meat market and deli is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. The custom meats section is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. For more information call, 530-626-MEAT

Article from Extra, Meet the Merchant ~ Noel Stack

Specializing in: Gourmet Meats & Cheeses
Smoked Meats
Meaty Sandwiches

Meats include: Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Lamb, USDA Choice Natural Beef, Natural Pork, Natural Turkey, Natural Chicken, Rabbit, Pheasant,Duck, Sausages, Salami & Jerky (We process much of our own cooked & cured meats in our on-site smokehouse.)